🏰 PALACED #3: This is it. This is the one.

I know, I know... I've been inconsistent. I’m sorry.

This is it. This is the one.

I know, I know... I've been inconsistent. I’m sorry.

If you subscribed to Entrepolitical, it was based on the expectation that you’d be getting an article a week from me in addition to “Sunday Coffee”. We’re getting back on track with both of those things this week! However, Entrepolitical will be combined into the PALACED newsletter.

For new subscribers: PALACED is a community dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurship and activism through content and events. The goal is to leverage our collective voice to pressure corporations to support the socially-driven projects and campaigns of young people everywhere.

The inconsistency arose from trying to figure out how to juggle the different pieces of this project. I’ve been reaching out to subscribers one by one, talking to other newsletter curators, looking for new sources of content, planning events, interviewing corporate executives… I’m learning a lot about what to do, but especially what NOT to do.

That said, I think I’ve found a solid foundation. I’m going to stick to my guns here and building on the fundamentals: an article a week and a curated newsletter. As new opportunities develop in the background, hopefully they’ll come to light quickly.

I’m still (always) looking for feedback (expect an email from us if you haven't received one yet), but I’m not completely lost anymore.

ANYWAY… today's issue is filled with big ideas and interesting takes on the news you've been hearing about all week. Scroll through the whole thing. Tap that heart at the top.

Let's get started...

🏰 The Palace

This section will contain the “big” idea or story of the newsletter. Think of it like a mini article.

📖 I came across a website/newsletter this week called Marketing Examples. The site is run by Harry Dry, who really seems to know his stuff. After doing some light creeping, I learned that the kid is from London, left college in 2017, and has been working on some pretty cool projects ever since.

🎵 One of these projects was a dating site for Kanye West fans. If you follow pop-culture news sites or r/kanye on reddit, you may remember hearing about it. If not, you’re in luck: Harry bought thekanyestory.com and left the entire story there for your reading pleasure.

☁️ I won’t spoil the story (I encourage all of you to read it — the result is CRAZY), but it was super inspirational for me. Plus, it supports a philosophy that I’ve been preaching for a while now: aim as high as you can, even if it isn’t feasible. I feel like these “moonshot” could have a huge impact on activist and social space if the philosophy is adopted.

🏰 That’s kind of where I’m at with PALACED right now. I’d love for this to be an invaluable part of your week, so much so that you seek out the other events and content that I hope to put out. And I hope that’s the case for thousands of other people who haven’t even heard about this yet.

Think big. Make an impact. Shout out to Harry Dry.

💡 Big Ideas

This section will contain 3-5 other big, thought-provoking ideas… just a bit less in depth.

🧠 Creative Compounding. Brett Bivens builds off of a John Cochrane quote: “Once a piece of knowledge is produced it is in society's interest to pass it on as quickly as possible.” He talks about how platforms like Overtime have brought creative, offline basketball content to the masses. The thesis: social media has its problems, but it also is an unprecedented source of inspiration for niche content that anyone can contribute to.

🏅 Learn Like An Athlete. Writer David Perell claims, “Athletes train. Musicians train. Performers train. But knowledge workers don’t.” You can basically replace the term “knowledge workers” with “anyone who is passionate about learning, regardless of whether or not it’s for work.” The point is the same: why don’t we develop plans for learning what we want to learn when world-class professionals have proven that it’s almost necessary to succeed?

🚗 No Parking Here: Los Angeles, Housing, and Cars. I’ve been reading a lot more about urban planning and architecture. It’s fascinating just how much it all impacts our lives every moment of every day. No Parking Here is an analysis of the situation in Los Angeles, how it’s impacting residents, and how it can improve. If you think this sounds boring, you’re the target audience — read it.

🔎 Tidbits

This section will contain any leftover notes, links, asks, or comments from the week.

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Thanks for reading! See ya next week :-)

— Jihad

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