PALACED is a newsletter exploring post-capitalism, entrepreneurship, and the future.

I’m a firm believer that building the future is not a rich man’s game. It’s our game. PALACED will explore the systems, technology, politics, and people that are shaping the future, and how we can work to build a better one together.

Who are you?

PALACED is written by me, Jihad Esmail. I’ve spent the last few years empowering young entrepreneurs and learning about what makes entrepreneurial communities tick.

I co-founded AMA, a digital agency focused on helping creators grow their audiences. I was Director of Launch at Northwestern University, one of the largest student-run startup incubators in the nation. I spent three months in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio laying the foundations for a student entrepreneurship program, kicking off with Hustle: Ohio’s first student-focused entrepreneurship conference.

I also conducted research on diversity in entrepreneurship, diving into how we can empower a more diverse group of leaders and organizers.

I’m always learning more, and I want to put those ideas into action. Together, we can do amazing things.

Reach out at: jae.esmail@gmail.com

Twitter: @jihadesmail