#19: New Schools & Writing Challenges

I've been publishing 250 words a day, but I didn't forget about PALACED :)

Happy Monday & welcome to Issue 19!

As mentioned last week, I’ve been participating in a 30 day writing challenge! Each day, I publish around 250 words on something vaguely related to post-capitalism. It has been super fun and has definitely sparked a lot of great ideas.

You can read all of them (currently 7) on my writing page, but here’s a quick sample:

23 more to write! Hopefully I can keep the momentum going. Shoot me an email if you have any thoughts.

Without further ado…

Organization of the Week: Logic Magazine

Last week I introduced Kai Brach, the creator of Offscreen Magazine. Today, we’re sticking with the magazine highlights.

Logic Magazine seeks to answer a lot of the same questions that I’m exploring with PALACED:

Logic Magazine believes that we are living in times of great peril and possibility. We want to ask the right questions. How do the tools work? Who finances and builds them, and how are they used? Whom do they enrich, and whom do they impoverish? What futures do they make feasible, and which ones do they foreclose?

While the writing is incredible, so are the initiatives that have sprouted from it.

This past week, the magazine launched Logic School:

Logic School is an online, experimental school for tech workers produced by Logic Magazine… Our curriculum draws from the worlds of activism, design, and software engineering. Our program cultivates critical thinking about technology and its impact.

Organizing tech workers? Count me in. Initiatives like this one are slowly popping up nationwide as more people come around to the idea that tech will not solve the problems of the future (or the present) without the right philosophy backing it.

Must Clicks

Pando: Income Pooling for Communities: Pando is a startup I discovered this week that gives small groups of friends/coworkers the infrastructure to pool their future incomes. For example, imagine a group of college football players who aren’t slated to get drafted in the early rounds. Odds are, one of them will get a solid contract, but we aren’t sure who.

The group uses Pando to say: “Each of us will take the first $100k we make. After that, the rest of our earnings will go into a pool that will be split equally among us.” If someone in the group is successful, everyone benefits. It’s an interesting model for community wealth that I’m excited to see play out in new ways.

Adaptor: Restructuring Society's Engines: (this is a video) “There is a new focus on the inequalities that exist in our various internet platforms whose models seem to be: extract billions in value from their users and make it nearly impossible for them to leave. As humanity moves toward a new equitable future, so must economies. Is the ownership economy model the way forward?”

Using NBA Metrics to Scout Superstar Startups: A fun piece about basketball statistics and startups. If you’re interested in either one, it’s worth the read. If you’re interested in both, inhale this. I’m a sucker for finding ways that ideas from one field can be applied to a totally different one, and this is no exception.

That’s all for this week! Really excited for you all to read next week’s essay, which will hopefully be wrapped up over Thanksgiving Break.

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— Jihad